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A visa is an official document issued by the chosen country, containing details such as entry and exit dates, purpose of visit, etc. It permits the legal entry of the applicant into the destination country and is affixed to the passport, recording important information like visiting purpose, entry and exit dates, etc. The applicant is expected to adhere to the specified entry and exit dates, as overstaying may result in legal consequences, including being barred from re-entering the country until a specified time.

For international travel, obtaining a student visa is mandatory. Applicants must submit certain original documents to the embassy of the chosen country for higher education to secure the visa.

Grace Study Abroad offers student visa counselling services to facilitate successful visa approval. Our experienced visa counselling officers provide detailed guidance on visa procedures, enhancing the chances of visa acceptance. For further assistance, please feel free to contact us. We’re here to support you throughout the visa application process.

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What are the Documents Required to Apply for a Student Visa?

Following documents are to be submitted for the visa application.

It is the official paperwork students are required to submit before the embassy. It is a letter for the Visa Officer about 1000 words honestly describing personal, academic, professional details and future plans in the country etc. It must be convincing with a formal language touch. SOP is an officially accepted letter to know you, which increases the possibility of visa acceptance. Our expert Visa Counselling Officer guides you through this. However, ultimately it is your responsibility to prepare an SOP.
A letter of acceptance is an official document issued by the university with the academic details of the candidate. The letter of acceptance is a trusted document for a student visa application
It is sent by the university officials after receiving the tuition fee from the student’s bank account. Usually, it takes two-three days to appear on the correspondence mail ID. This document proves the genuineness of the application and helps the visa officials to take a positive decision on the application.
A passport is an important document student must submit before the embassy. A passport that strictly follows the conditions set by the embassy favourably eases the visa application process.
The embassy cross-checks the language proficiency of the student to understand their eligibility. IELTS is the well-known and accepted language test most universities prefer. Securing good scores in IELTS will have a positive impact on the visa application. The other language fluency tests are PTE, TOEFL. The students must submit the scorecards for a smooth visa process.
The following documents have to be submitted as part of the visa application.
  • SSLC/1Oth and 12th/Higher secondary certificates (notarized copies)
  • Bachelor’s degree certificates/Postgraduation certificates (notarized copies along with semester wise certificates and consolidated mark list).
  • Work experience proof (if you have any)
  • Usually, the original work experience certificate requires.

A medical certificate is mandatory for visa application. Usually, the embassies of the country will be connected with super-speciality hospitals (panel hospitals), and the test results will directly be sent to these tied-up hospitals. A full-body check-up to find communicable and noncommunicable diseases is a must. Documents to submit at the time of tests are:

  • Passport (original and copy)
  • Copy of the offer letter
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Earlier medical summary (if any)
  • Eyewear/spectacles (if you have)

The medical test includes medical history review, complete physical examination, blood tests for infectious and communicable diseases. And the world is under the influence of Covid-19. In this current scenario, countries follow some more precautions. Two categories have been added to the testing process.

  • Quarantine diseases (cholera, yellow fever etc).
  • Public Health Emergency of International Concern (polio, smallpox, Covid-19 etc)
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