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Why Study In Australia

As premier education consultants based in Kottayam, we are dedicated to guiding you towards prestigious universities in Australia to unlock your full potential. Renowned worldwide as a haven for immigrants and international scholars, Australia consistently ranks among the top countries for quality of life and career prospects. With a welcoming atmosphere and thriving economy, it’s no wonder Australia is a top choice for many.

Australia’s esteemed universities offer high-quality education across a wide range of disciplines, providing a pathway to respected and lucrative careers. From undergraduate and postgraduate programs to diplomas and certificate courses, Australia excels in delivering industry-leading education tailored to global standards.

The Australian education system is committed to supporting international students, offering scholarships and robust infrastructure to ensure academic success. With student-friendly policies and affordable tuition fees, Australia is accessible to aspiring scholars from around the world, promising ample opportunities for future employment.

As leading consultants for Australian student visas in Kerala, we are here to provide comprehensive support to help you pursue your educational dreams in Australia.

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What is Waiting in Australia for International Students?

  • Australia, as the world’s sixth-largest country with a robust economy, is renowned for its commitment to delivering quality education across all levels, from early childhood to tertiary institutions. With its emphasis on practical knowledge and industry-aligned curriculum, Australian universities are esteemed globally.

  • The QS World University Rankings for 2021 highlighted 26 Australian universities for their excellence in offering diverse and sought-after courses. Welcoming international students with open arms, Australia is celebrated for its student-friendly policies and inclusive educational environment.

  • Disciplines such as Engineering, Microbiology, Telecommunications, and more are particularly popular in Australia, reflecting the country’s strength in providing cutting-edge education. 

  • Australian universities prioritize hands-on experiential learning alongside classroom instruction, preparing students for promising career opportunities with attractive salary packages. With its immigrant-friendly policies and high standard of living, Australia offers a welcoming environment for international students seeking academic and personal growth.

  • Cultural diversity is a hallmark of Australian society, enriching the educational experience and providing opportunities for cross-cultural exchange. Job-oriented programs ensure students are well-equipped for career advancement, often with the added benefit of spouse accompaniment and post-graduation work permits.

  • Moreover, Australia provides excellent housing options at reasonable rates, fostering a conducive environment for learning and personal development. Immersion in Australian culture also presents opportunities for learning new languages, with English being the primary language of instruction and interaction.

  • Furthermore, Australia is at the forefront of technological innovation, particularly in digital media, telecommunications, aeronautical engineering, and more. International students are welcomed into advanced communities where they are treated with respect and provided ample support for their academic and personal endeavours.


  • Publicly Funded
  • High quality education
  • Courses ranging from undergraduate to doctoral degrees

Colleges/Technical Institutes

  • Both publicly funded and private
  • Offers varieties of career-oriented and professional certificate and diploma courses
  • College diplomas can be pathways to university degree programs with appropriate transfer of credits

Student Permit & Visa in Australia

  • Visa Processing Time: 30 to 60 days


  • A Valid passport
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Academic documents
  • Offer letter from the university stating the course duration
  • Proof of the first instalment of the tuition fee
  • Bank statement indicating your financial strength
February, July, September


  1. University of Toronto (World Ranking: 29, Graduate Employability Ranking: 16)
  2. McGill University (World Ranking: 35)
  3. University of British Columbia (World Ranking: 51)
  4. University of Alberta (World Ranking: 113)
  5. University of Montreal (World Ranking: 137)


  1. Humber College (World Ranking: 71)
  2. Seneca College (World Ranking: 4215)
  3. Centennial College (World Ranking: 4890)
  4. George Brown College (World Ranking: 4654)
  5. Conestoga College (World Ranking: 5076)
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